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Shanghai Board Game

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Shanghai Board Game Editrice Giochi - 1

Shanghai Board


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Modern version of the famous Shanghai game proposed by Editrice Giochi , with the practical container you can take the game and fun anytime and anywhere with you
for endless fun.
A player chosen by lot, clutching the sticks, with little bits gg iate on the table, let them fall like a fan, from a vertical position. At this point
he must try to remove them from the group, one by one, as many gg possible, trying not to move the others.
The first stick must be collected with bare hands, while for the following ones it is possible to use those already collected, as a wand.
Each stick taken earns the player the corresponding number of points.
If a player makes a mistake by moving or dropping sticks near the chosen one, the turn will pass to another player.
The game ends when all the Shanghai have been collected from the table and the winner is whoever gets the most points by adding the value of the sticks collected.
Warnings: Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

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