One Flip Card Game Mattel - 3
  • One Flip Card Game Mattel - 3
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One Flip Card Game


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One Flip Card Game Mattel - 3

One Flip Card


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A completely new and revolutionary version of UNO! The players take turns playing their card matching it by color or number to that of the discard pile. In the race to run out of cards in hand, players can play special cards to slow down their opponents, such as the cards: Jump, Reverse Turn and Change Color. ONE FLIP. includes new special Action cards that truly change the table, such as the Draw Five and Skip All cards. By playing the special FLIP card, all cards in your hand, draw pile and discard pile are flipped, revealing new colors and numbers on the opposite side. Whoever uses the FLIP card decides whether to play with the "light" side or the "dark" side of the deck. Create your own strategy to overturn the challenge and be the first to run out of cards to win the game. When you are left with only one card in hand, don't forget to shout "ONE". Colors and decorations may vary.

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