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School Diaries 2019/2020 for Elementary and Middle Schools Tired of writing down school notices and communications on a sad and boring school diary? Are you full of homework that the teacher gave you and you don't know where to write them? Or more simply do you want to write your secrets and thoughts in a diary that you want to jealously keep for yourself? Then E-Giochiamo is the site for you! Always keep in mind the homework to do at home with the 2019-2020 School Diaries .

With the School Diary you will take note of everything

The 2019-2020 School Diaries are the most colorful and fun you have ever seen. Make your days at school more colorful and fun thanks to our fantastic diaries! Make matches with cases and other accessories by color or characters me. Take notes with your friends Rose, Joy and Astoria from the beloved cartoon Regal Academy. The protagonists will accompany you on all school adventures and beyond. Tell her your secrets and keep your school diary always with you! We have a wide range of characters that you can choose from to accompany you throughout the school year. Take note of all your commitments with the 2019-2020 School Diaries ! Between checks, warnings and communications it is impossible to remember everything, so get help from the Super Pajamas Pj Masks who will keep safe everything that is important for you to remember! Catboy will help you with verifications, Gecko with warnings, and Owlette will keep your deepest secrets and most jaw-dropping tales safe! The school diary is suitable for any school or non-school initiative!

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School Diary


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