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The interactive soft toys are soft toys, a doll or a puppet made of cloth or rag, which can perform a series of movements and can emit different sounds depending on the actions performed by the user. But gg iormente are the most popular dog giocat tolo or interactive plush cats. The toy dogs are faithfully reproduced and bark like real puppies. JJ tender pug, is the simpaticcissimo dog giocat tolo you shake when he sees you. The barking dog is highly sought after by little girls, as it reproduces everything a real dog does! Each interactive soft toy naturally works with batteries, giving the child who uses it the possibility of dealing with a very realistic imitation of a real puppy without all the problems related to looking after a real animal! If your child, or your child would like a little dog fun to see him play with the dog giocat tolo walking. All interactive soft toys are designed for children aged 2 and over. Browse the entire catalog dedicated to the world of interactive soft toys and choose the one that's right for you!

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