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Check out our offer of lego games . Practical, simple, fun and with a thousand uses. Discover the endless mode assembles gg I of the various games lego. The renowned brand of the famous bricks can be found in this category of E-Giochiamo.

Origins of the Lego

The name lego is an acronym of the Danish expression leg godt, meaning "play well". The Lego brand toys dating back to 1934. In the early days, the first factory of lego games counted only 7/8 employees, or gg the there are more than 18,000. The colors of the lego buildings of the past were only red, blue, yellow, black, gray and white. The other shades of venerated gg later over the years. From the initial classic series of simple constructions, consisting of simple wooden bricks, the lego company has continued its ascent towards modernization. In fact, from the first solid wood dowels (not very functional and not very stable) he opted for the manufacture of the smallest plastic bricks. The first series of constructions was that of the Duplo legos . This line of buildings was aimed at the little ones. With large pieces and bright colors, the lego duplo constructions were immediately loved by the small clientele. They were safe and free from risks, but given the gg iore size of the pieces that prevented the possible ingestion of bricks. These features still persist, the lego games of the duplo line are the safest!

Old values and modernity, Lego is also this

From this first line of lego constructions, one after the other, all the lines of bricks we know have followed: the first lego series dedicated to babies; the series of Lego Technic games, aimed at an adult audience, but consists of a gg iore amount of mechanical parts! Engines, engages gg i, bolts, screws up to the programming via PC with endless customization features. Choose the lego set that best suits your needs. Each series of lego games is compatible with all the others, due to the innovative interlocking system of the bricks which has always been the same since the 1930s. Lego has now rooted its corporate roots in the global economic system. Established on a global level, film companies have also wanted to imprint their works with lego bricks . The most followed lego games of the moment are certainly those that are part of series dedicated to films. From the timeless lego Indiana Jones to the bespectacled lego Harry Potter wizard , from America's most famous bat lego Batman unrivaled lego star wars saga to the lego pirates of the caribbean with the confusing and hero jack sparow. On our online toy shop you can choose from a large selection of lego games . The landing on the internet has brought the most loved lego sets directly into the homes of fans. Make your own the lego game you like best. Choose the lego game from our wide range of choices in the lego category.

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