Catch The Meatball Rocco Giocattoli - 1
  • Catch The Meatball Rocco Giocattoli - 1
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Catch The Meatball

Buy now Catch the Meatball on our children's toy shop. Discover now Acchiappa La Polpetta, certainly at the best price. On E-Let's play your toys for girls by Rocco Giocattoli . In a gg iunta on all toys shipping will cost just Euro 4.90 throughout Italy and free for a total of more than Euro 69.90
Catch The Meatball Rocco Giocattoli - 1

Catch The


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It's feeding time and your puppies' race to grab more meatballs is about to begin! Oops! As soon as the bowl is placed on the ground, the meatballs come out from all sides.

Make your puppies happy with the Meatball Catch board game by making sure they eat all the meatballs on the menu.

Control your pooch's reflexes and abilities by helping them eat as many meatballs as possible.

But don't worry: Hungry puppies run and go crazy to grab all the meatballs.

And with every game the puppy menu changes!

Contents of Catch the Meatball: 1 bowl, 4 puppies and their hats, 20 meatballs, 3 menu cards, 1 adhesive sticker to personalize the puppies, 1 instruction booklet.

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