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Who among you has never played with puzzles ? The puzzles are loved puzzles by both children and adults. There are thousands of puzzle games for sale, they can be divided into puzzles for children and puzzles for adults . Existing in many dimensions and many pieces. The most common are those for children with 48 pieces and the great classics of 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 pieces. Let your child play with puzzles both alone and in company, it will be a great time for him. The but gg ior part of the puzzle, are made of cardboard. We can also find polystyrene puzzles , commonly used for children's puzzles, to make the material more gg , and in spherical puzzles. Come to our shop and choose among the many online puzzles which one is right for you. We have puzzles for girls, puzzles for kids and puzzles for adults. We have an extensive catalog with clementoni puzzles and Ravensburger puzzles. Among the puzzle games most loved by children, we find double-sided puzzles , where children first build the puzzle and then have fun coloring! Loved by adults, we have the very great classics, with depicted paesa gg i, the most famous paintings, Cities, and more! For children however, we have every characters the of the moment, among the most famous are Disney princesses, Bing , Frozen and Masha e Orso . Furthermore, we can find the puzzles in 3d, which reproduce for example the tower of Pisa or the empire state building. Browse the large catalog of puzzles online and you just have to fit together piece by piece!

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