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First steps games for a newborn are essential for your growth. These safe games play a fundamental role in the development of children, stimulating them to develop their skills, honing them. The first few games can be found in all types, shapes and models. All the toys in this category support step by step the first direct and concrete experiences of all newborns! Newborn toys are designed to stimulate: coordination, dexterity, orientation in the surrounding space and the recognition of shapes and colors. The newborn games that are present in this section help the child in the development of his intellectual abilities in a fundamental moment of his growth. The days go by and we realize that the child begins to learn more and more how baby toys work. It 's wonderful to see his happiness when he realizes that or gg pound that is using, is under his control. The first steps games will be fundamental for the balance of the little one in his first months of life. The E-Giochiamo will give you the possibility to choose the first steps that can stimulate your child in all aspects of his growth.

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