Cocco Dentista Board Game Hasbro - 1
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Cocco Dentista Board Game


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Cocco Dentista Board Game Hasbro - 1

Cocco Dentista


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Coccodentista Skill Game - board game Italian version
Beware of the terrible bites of this suffering crocodile. The Coconut Dentist will challenge you to extract the poor alligator's aching tooth. But be careful! if unfortunately you had to press the very tooth that hurts, the crocodile will not think a minute to give you a good bite and the suffering one will become you! If you lose you get chewed immediately without blink, but if your cora gg galore expertise Dental proves better than all those of your colleagues dentists, to win the challenge you truly become. The Coconut Dentist is overwhelming fun at the last bite
The game is simple to set up and use.
The winner is whoever manages to press down all the poor crocodile's teeth without being bitten.

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