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Educational Games

Educational Games

Planets and Stars 89284


Discover astronomy with many educational and photographic quizzesGreat
space travel, to play with astronomy; many stimulating quizzes; based on the ministerial programs; recognize the images; galaxies and constellationsContent
: Board, pins, spinner, quiz cards, tokens, rosettes, special cards, rulesAttention
, vocabulary, reading and writing, reaching goals, relationship with others, respect for rules, earth and universe, man and environment

Boys or girls, boys or girls, it doesn't matter .. playing is the easiest way to learn. It is scientifically proven that if children play, their learning processes are more likely to improve. This is why E-Giochiamo is particularly interested in the educational games category.

These toys aim to educate the little ones through play. The educational toys for children help educate the little ones, laying the foundations for their school future. The line of educational games imprints the foundations in the child:

  • of mathematics
  • of music
  • of writing

Among the educational games for children from 3 to 5 years old, constructions are the entertainment par excellence. Given their natural propensity for construction and destruction. Children will not be able to do without educational games that entice them with this biological instinct. On the E-game website you will be able to discover a lot of didactic and educational articles for all children and teenagers.
As a means of development and training, the educational game sets different objectives, based on the age group of the children. This particular playful tool will reward the development of certain skills and abilities of children such as those: motor, coordination and intellectual ones.

If we are talking about kids, on the other hand, what is proposed is a game closer to scientific discoveries in the field of chemistry, ecology and astronomy.