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Fabulous il Creastorie - 1

Fabulous il Creastorie

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2 to 3 years
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STORYTELLER FOR CHILDREN: Fabulous il Creastorie by Chicco is a talking toy with more than 90 minutes of content in four languages; helps develop children's cognitive, linguistic and logical skills through active participation in the story

MONTESSORI METHOD: The game is inspired by the Montessori method, to support the correct development of children through multisensory experience, self-correcting activities, sequences learning and free self-expression

4 EVOLUTIONARY MODES: In the first three game modes, with the use of the electronic base, children can listen to 34 funny stories with sounds and magical effects; the fourth, on the other hand, leaves them completely free to create their own stories

GET TO KNOW THE CHARACTERS: The child inserts one character at a time to hear his story; can choose between 4 main characters and 6 extras

FIND THE CHARACTER: The child learns the sequences by inserting the characters indicated in the right order to listen to the story; thanks to the self-correction function, the game recognizes if the entered character is correct, providing immediate feedback

BUILD THE STORY: The child chooses a protagonist to be included between prince, wolf, witch and princess; every time another character is mentioned, he inserts it to continue the story, thus developing listening and attention skills

CREATE YOUR STORY: The child frees his imagination to create an infinite number of stories with all the characters, extras and elements of the game, without using the electronic base; this modality favors creativity and the development of the imagination



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