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Jenga Maker Board Game

  • JENGA GAME WITH A DIFFERENT TOUCH: A different way to play Jenga! This variation of the classic Jenga game involves players dividing into two teams and having the teams compete to give directions and build creations at the same time
  • 200 DIFFERENT CREATIONS: One team member draws a card and describes the creation to his or her teammate. No pointing, gesturing or peeking! This fun children\'s game includes creations for beginners and experts alike
  • ENCOURAGE THE CREATION: It\'s a race to see who finishes first as teams build objects at the same time. The first person to build their creation correctly must crown it to win the round. Whoever takes the crown for 3 rounds wins
  • REAL WOOD BATCHES: The Jenga Maker game includes 28 colorful Jenga bricks made of quality wood. Each brick features the official Jenga logo
  • IDEAL GAME FOR FESTIVITIES: add fun to a party with the Jenga Maker game! This version of the classic game of ""stack the tower"" is ideal for family game nights. It is a fun game for adults and children ages 8 and up

In a world in constant technological evolution, personal relationships and human contact are increasingly lacking. Are the usual games for children not enough to satisfy our children's hunger for play? So why not stop for a moment, call friends or family and start a board game together? The choice is yours!

Fun with companions for all occasions

group games are the life of the holidays. In some cases, repatriations are organized to spend an entire evening dedicated to board games ! If you are a lover of tradition, you cannot miss the great classics such as Monopoly and Risiko which include both the classic version and the countless variants and special editions or simply use a deck of cards and start a game of Uno. For the little ones, on the other hand, the group games for children are a little more elaborate and varied.

It's good to keep more than one game in store as children get bored very easily. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the newest product, toys like Eye in the Ghost that combine the classic board game with electronics may be for you. In addition to board games you can give free rein to your wits by assembling a puzzle alone or with the help of friends.