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The MeteoHeroes are six kids who in six distant points of the planet discover they have special powers: each of them can unleash an atmospheric agent. Thanks to these powers, Nix, Fulmen, Pluvia, Thermo, Nubess and Ventum collaborate with the Weather Expert Center on the Gran Sasso d'Abruzzo to save the earth from global warming and pollution. A guide them there are the Tempus artificial intelligence and scientist Margaret Rita, whose name pays oma gg me to two great women scientists, Margherita Hack and Rita Levi Montalcini. Respect for the environment and nature, friendship, the importance of knowledge, solidarity, inclusiveness and gender equality: these are the values that the MeteoHeroes transmit to the public of the little ones. Lo do it through a group of superheroes who, like all children, have strengths and weaknesses and must grow, learn to team up, overcome small and big challenges and overcome their fears. Awaiting them is the solution of many missions, inspired by real environmental events and problems, such as deforestation, pollution of the seas and large cities, the extinction of animal species and extreme atmospheric events caused by global warming.