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Playing at the greats

"I want to do as dad does!" “When I grow up I want to be like my mother”. The power of HOW should not be underestimated in any way. Let's stop and look at what and how we do when we are in the presence of the little ones. Imitation for our little ones is a spontaneous form of learning, it encourages them to shape their ego and their ways of doing. This is why we at E-giochiamo deal with a wide range of articles that introduce the future life of the little ones.

Take a look at our catalog to buy an item that will make your child happy. Buy a toy workbench for your son or a Smoby kitchen for your daughter.

Role play, essential for children

Whatever your child wants to imitate through play, we've got you covered. Pretend play, commonly referred to as role play, is a cognitive process. This way of playing lays the foundation for the mental and personality structure of the child that he will have when he grows up. The game is a valuable repertoire on which E-Let's play has set its foundations.