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School case

Cases for elementary school and kindergarten are waiting for you on our online shop, buy it at the lowest possible price and with ease, simply choose just the model and the character preferred to be your son. Who will you choose? Look at all our proposals and book your diary immediately in coordination with the case, or you can choose two different types of diary and case, but always the ones you like best! Match your school pencil case to the diary, school backpack or school trolley that best matches your choice.

Always gg your favorite people with you with the School Case

Are you a big fan of Soy Luna ? or is your child in love with Super Pajamas Games and Toys? So why miss the new line School 2019 - 2020 of characters the world that have always fascinated IUL of your children. And what about the new line of Giochi Preziosi Sachets and Cases? Simply fantastic to experience all the thrills of Frozen, Regal Academy and the exclusive Yo-Kai Watch! Now sit down and have a quiet look at all our School Case proposals 2019 - 2020

School case 2022-2023

School case


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