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Action figures playsets are usually jointed or on a fixed base. On our online toy store you can find many figures of the most famous characters such as:

  • the dark character of Batman
  • the most famous line of superheroes in the world, the Avengers
  • the most heroic dogs ever as the Paw Patrol
  • the best saga of all time Star Wars with a series of toy action figures.

The world of action figures, all to discover

Among the animal action figures toys, you can choose the dinosaurs of Jurassic World, or the puppies of Paw Patrol and for little girls My Little Pony.
If you like toys made up of multiple pieces, your choice might fall into the Playset category. An infinity of play possibilities at your disposal. With our action figure sets, you can have fun with your friends. Whether it's for boys or girls, it doesn't matter. The magic of our articles is palpable in every item! Don't miss the chance to buy the best action figure playset for your kids. You'll be able to have fun with great Hot Wheels, Sam the Fireman or Barbie toys.

Have you seen a movie at the cinema or on TV and you are looking for its action figures?

No problem, we have what you are looking for with Toys of Masha e Orso, Minions, Peppa Pig and more. To finish if you are passionate about action figures vehicles, toys like Ninja Turtles, Transformers and Pinypon are waiting for you.

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