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action figures have become a fundamental part of modern culture. Born in 1964 as the exclusive "doll" for boys, the first action figure was that of G.I. Joe. An article conceived and designed to bring the children of that era closer to war. Not for this the acronym of the name Governmente Issue (government product).

That's not the case today. After a few years the action figures have gone from simple toys to real collectibles. On these, a real business was born. Online sales, private auctions or in-store sales. Whatever the place of sale, the prices of some action figures are skyrocketing. The price can fluctuate based on some factors such as:

  • year of manufacture
  • doll model
  • character depicted

What are the main differences between a toy and an action figure?

Price is the first thing. Dolls can and should be played by children. Arms, legs and even the head are the parts that are disassembled by the children during the game phase. On the contrary, the action figures are not even removed from their original packaging. All in order not to make them lose the minimum commercial value. The more original the action figures is, as if it had just left the factory, the greater the profit.

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