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Managing paper or digital documents is one of the most tedious operations that must be carried out to keep an office in order. Cataloging files and organizing them as much as possible is a great way to live in a respectable work environment. There are many items for document filing on the market; they can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors. Sensitive business data should always be placed in the right order, so as not to lose it over the years. More the company is "important" but gg iore will be the amount of work to devote to the organization of care data. But how to archive documents in the correct way? The most correct method is to catalog the files according to the date of issue or according to the branch of the company they refer to. Managing documents for a large format company is not at all easy if you do not have office items available in large quantities and in different formats. Document archiving will therefore be a job to be done every day. Transparent envelopes, office drawers, price lists, office folders, ring binders are just some of the hundreds of items that should be used to manage documents in the most logical and schematic way possible. The stationery and office section of the website of the e-play offers or gg ettistica of all functions to live in a work environment organized. Document archiving has never been so close at hand thanks to our high quality products and the best brands on the market.

Manual and Digital Archiving

Manual and Digital Archiving


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