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The German house playmobil began its history in 1974. For generations it has created fantastic playmobile games suitable for children of all ages. For more than 40 years, the famous German house has brought happiness to children all over the world. The funny people gg i articulated have always inspired children to create magical adventures! Playmobils are designed and created to fit in children's hands. Furthermore, the painting of the face of the gg i people is conceived on the basis of children's drawings: a huge head compared to the body, smile and no nose. The playmobil catalog is characterized every year by new models and series always in line with the tastes of children. Play characters i stimulates the imagination and creativity. The mini-figures can be combined with each other, in order to unite the various thematic "worlds" that your children will choose. The little ones will be able to create their own game world, original and super fun! Whether your daughter plays with the playmobil princess palace or your son has fun with the police playmobile , it doesn't matter. All game sets can interscambiarsi Hardware & characters i understood. All this will help children socialize and interact with each other. E-Giochiamo has a vast playmobil catalog at your disposal.

Playmobil Games - Playmobil Buildings for Children



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