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Faithful scale reproductions of the original models and a lot of passion, the little trains have been with us for many years now as a step-by-step and small game. From the child to the collector, the famous Lima trains have always been synonymous with quality. Together with the products on rails, we find another toy that has accompanied us since our childhood: the toy car tracks !

Today you can find more advanced models with assemblable tracks and machines of all kinds, from video game characters to cartoons. If, on the other hand, you prefer outdoor play, nothing better than a radio-controlled toy : from the classic car, to the most recent helicopters and drones (also called quadcopters) equipped with a camera and video camera for shooting from the high.

You choose whether to play indoors or outdoors with the remote controls that you can find on our online shop!

Vehicles and Radio Controlled

Vehicles and Radio Controlled


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