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"Pretend to ..." being someone else is one of the favorite games for children. It is called role play (or symbolic game) and consists in 'identifying oneself in roles, in fact, different from one's own. Children are interested in all the activities that take place mom and dad so excited we see them when they are involved in household chores, work in small home maintenance or giardina gg I, for example. They love to sweep floors, help fill the washing machine, water the plants or try to screw in a bolt and thanks to our wide range of work toys , children can do this in complete safety and autonomy. Come see our catalog to buy Cart of cleaning Vileda, Play Set Doctor, Washing Toy , the Set barber with razor for your son or acquires Dr. Plush Fido Vet Kit, the Barbie Cash Register for your daughter and many others. So, let's pretend to ... go back to children for a while too, let's make ourselves small and rise up with them, because from children you can only learn to be better and here on E-Giochiamo thanks to the value for money you can buy many games of the crafts for your kids. Work games are excellent pastimes able to fulfill the desire of the little ones, that is to feel useful in the eyes of their parents. There is nothing more rewarding for a child than to be pleased with the help they give around the house. For this reason, the work games initiate the little ones to the chores of the house and, therefore, to the future life as adults.

Craft Games for Children - Jobs to Imitate



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