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The outdoor games section is suitable for all children who get tired of boring days at home easily. What better way to spend entire afternoons in the open air, with the sun's rays warming your cheeks and the wind ruffling your hair? E-Giochiamo has a wide range of outdoor children's games for all ages. Children can have fun in the garden or on the terrace with their friends or siblings with:

  • soap bubbles
  • houses
  • slides and swings

Everything you need to organize a birthday party or a simple afternoon day can be found in this catalog. Outdoor games are the best choice for having fun playing in the outdoors. There are tons of children's toys available on our site. There is something for everyone!

Fun is safe and the little ones, in addition to establishing a solid social bond, have the opportunity to let off steam and exercise. These two ingredients are essential for the growth and psychophysical development of the child. For the more technological little ones, we have a wide selection of drones and radio-controlled vehicles at the latest! Thanks to the outdoor space, the outdoor children's games allow you to use all the radio-controlled toys without problems.

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Outdoor games


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