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Imitation games have always been the most popular games for children. The kitchens toys is the best way to imitate and learn with their mothers. On our site you will find many kitchens for boys and girls. The kitchen toys smoby is ideal for boys and girls who want to learn to cook! With the wooden kitchenette for children you will feel like a real chef. Buy on our site the kitchen for children, available in varie sizes and with prints of your characters favorite. On our site you will also find many kitchen accessories, such as pot sets, coffee machines or simple cups. Play together with your children with these fantastic imitation games. This playful line took hold in the 1960s. The idea that the little ones could repeat the same actions of the largest in the preparation of lunch or dinner, not only kept them busy, but it meant that they learned or gg ounces of common use and operation of the same. The kitchens toys from then on, have had a major impact in the world of children. Experiencing life as an adult for a child is an educational stimulus. Kitchens for children will make certain phases of the daily day engaging.

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